Why the World Needs Empaths, and How Empaths Can Survive the World

In her New York Times bestseller, Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself from Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life (2011), Dr. Judith Orloff defines empaths as “highly sensitive, finely tuned instruments… that feel everything, sometimes to an extreme, and are less apt to intellectualize feelings.”

There is no doubt that empaths are special, sensitive, and beautiful people. Without them, the world would be one without passion, love, understanding, and support.

All people need empaths in their lives.

The sad fact is that many empaths suffer from constant fears, stress, anxiety, or a lack of meaning in their lives. Empaths are heroes, because, unlike many of us, they choose not to keep their souls and their compassion hidden from others. They make themselves available without question-whenever needed-and surround those who need them in a beautiful circle of love.

Our planet needs empaths.

They have the power to make other people great; unfortunately, they don’t know how to make themselves great, and that’s really unfortunate.

To enable themselves to be great, empaths should take care not to give themselves to others unconditionally. They need to keep some of their energy for themselves: To add more stress to their already existing anxiety would be unhealthy. It’s important for empaths to learn how to make peaceful, relaxing, enjoyable lives for themselves-first. They have to believe that everything starts with them. If they don’t have enough energy or love for themselves, how can they give love and energy to others? No individual can give away something that he or she doesn’t have.

Therefore, empaths must make a place in their lives where they can relax. This place needs to be separate from the rest of world-that part of their world which causes them stress. This is the place where empaths can refuel their energy and return to whenever life gets too busy, too hectic, or too demanding. And when they’re in that special place, their only purpose should be to relax, meditate, visualise, sit down and listen to their favorite music… or to just be silent and feel their feelings, think their thoughts, or read a book that will teach them-assure them-that they’re not alone on this Earth. These are easy and effective ways through which empaths can de-stress and recharge themselves.

Empaths are a precious gift to the world.

They therefore shouldn’t constantly worry about their health or about how to save the world.

Yes, empaths need to realize that the world would survive even without them and that their lives don’t have to be so difficult. They need to connect to their own beliefs and spirituality. This will make the difference, make them stronger and allow them to be kinder to themselves so that they can live lives that are healthier and more enjoyable.

Empaths require a balance between helping others and helping themselves. They feel more than they need to, and this is a problem that modern medicine can’t help them with. There is no cure for an empath’s love. Western medicine treats symptoms-not the soul or the spirit. So empaths need to be their own health-care providers-and as it turns out, they are their own best possible healers.

When a person’s emotional life is healthy, his or her physical health will improve immediately. This is called the mind-body connection-and it works!

When feeling overwhelmed, or when things seem to be falling apart, empaths need to go inside themselves, inside their spirit, and find their cure: their place of comfort. It’s a sacred place, and they deserve to have it.

And as long as they have it, they’ll have enough passion, love, understanding, and support to give to the rest of the world.

Source by Jahiel Yasha Kamhi

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